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at the pleasure of the president - Selina Meyer/Josh Lyman [Archive of Our Own]


Josh and Selina, Selina and Josh. People mention them in the same breath far too often these days, often with a knowing little smile signifying nothing. She knows what it looks like. She’s seen the pictures. Josh standing too close, his lips brushing her ear, his nose in her hair, a hand hovering at her side. Incredible, truly, how much the cameras capture while still revealing nothing at all. The images would be damning if there were a sordid truth to reveal.

I wrote the thing and I have no regrets, I guess.


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i still want the dan/amy gone girl AU though liz.   you're not off the hook for that one.   but this is so great   fic biz   fandom   my talented friends   YAAAAAASSSS   
Marianne Williamson 
Women are still in emotional bondage as long as we need to worry that we might have to make a choice between being heard and being loved. ❞
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Nick Grimshaw makes himself out of tape

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i'm not saying i preordered a signed copy of the nixtape after the spinach pie thing happened the other day but   ....i totally did that   SHRUG EMOJI   GOTTA DO WHATCHA GOTTA DO   grim baby   my love   babes   

The 17 Worst Ways to Be Killed by Liam Neeson

When I was an intern at NYMag I binged on a bunch of Liam Neeson’s action movies to write this piece. This weekend I binged on a bunch more to update it. Takeaway: Despite his thirst for blood, Liam Neeson still seems like a dude who’d bring you hot chicken soup when you’re sniffly and sick in bed, and that disarming air of reliability and tenderness is exactly why he’s the scariest killer of all. Stay wary. (#3 is my favorite.)

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liam neeson   my stuff   shameless self-promotion   this is not my favorite thing i've done for vulture   that would be the brad pitt food diary   over which i slaved for a full week   but this is good   
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file under: things that made me unexpectedly emotional   
HANNAH: i walked in on a bucket hat photoshoot last night
HANNAH: now maybe you are thinking "oh some models wearing bucket hats"
HANNAH: it was just one single bucket hat
HANNAH: on a platform
HANNAH: in front of a backdrop
HANNAH: with professional lighting
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"Au Jardin Fleuri,"
Constant Puyo 1899

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Moments - Tove Lo

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but on good days, I am charming as fuck
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Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer 

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